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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

overcast 17 °C

The next day we got a flight to Hong Kong. We checked into our hotel and found out the room was tiny. It was quite chlosterphobic in there and Ro's leg didn't fit in th bed when he slept lol.

We went to Temple Street Mrket that night hich sold lots of different souveniers, food and clothes.

The next day we worked out how to use the metro and went to Latau Island - we went to see the big bronze buddha by cabe car - it was a nice clear day so we had amazing views of the airport and the whole Island frm the cable cars.

We also took the bus to Stanley Market and we bought some calligraphy artwork with our names in Cantonese written on it which looked really good. We then went to Repulse Bay which was an amazing beach and we then took a boat to see the jumo restaurant - a massive restaurant floating in the water.

The next day we went to Harbour View - the locaton where U.K did the handover to China so China owned Hong Kong. We went to see the Man Mo temple and then found an indian restaurant for dinner. That night we went to see the Symphony of lights show - the show was amazing and the views were really beautiful. We met some little chinese girls on the boat (around 7 years old) who kept talking to us and saying they really wanted to come to the UK and then they sang a song for us in Cantonese.

We went to Victoria Harbour the next day - the views were great but it was very cold that day. We then went to see horse racing. We bet on the horses and won on the first race and then we kept losing but it was really fun.

The next day we met up with our group for our China tour and went for a group dinner with them.

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Vietnam, Halong Bay

Halong Bay

overcast 18 °C

We left at 8:30am to go Halong Bay - we went by bus and then boat. We went to see some colourful caves en route and we had pizza for dinner when we got to Halong Bay and then went for a few drinks with the other group members.

The next day we went on a trek of the national park - was really fun, took two hours to get up a steep mountain but the views from there were amazing. We then went to see a hospital built in a cave during the war - they uilt it in the cave to try and disguise it from the Americans during the war.

We then got on the boat and made our way back to Hanoi. We went for our farewell dinner to a local Vietnamese restaurant and then went for dessert. We then went for a few drinks and said our goodbyes - we met some really nice people on this tour and we're gonna meet up with some of them in Australia again which should be good.

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Vietnam, Hanoi


overcast 17 °C

We got to Hanoi in the morning and we went to the Ho Chi Min Mosaleum - this is where Ho Chi Min's body is kept - it was a wierd experience seeing tourists (us being 2 of them) going around single file looking at a dead man's body that's all lit up. He actually wanted to be cremated but as he made such a big difference to Vietnam gaining it's independence, the people of Vietnam felt that they had to do something special to remember him. They call him 'the father' and feel that he should be on display so that people can worship him just like they worship Buddha. We also saw where he used to live and we went to the Ho Chi Min museum which explained his life story.

We then went to the see the One Pillar Pagoda which is a small buddhist temple located at the top of one single pillar. We had lunch at KOTO (Know One Teach One)- a restaurant run by street kids - we had falafel there, was really nice. After lunch we went to the Temple of Literature - this is the oldest library in Vietnam. The library had pillars with tortoises on them - the pillars had names of doctors on the them and the tortoises symbolise 'forever'.

In the evening, we went to see the water puppet show - was interesting but hard to follow the story as it was all in vietnamese but was a good show. We had dinner at a local Vietnamese restaurant.

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Vietnam, Hue


overcast 16 °C

We travelled to Hue by bus in the morning and stopped at the marble mountain where they make different sculptures out of marble - was really amazing to see the detailed carving they do. We also stopped at China Beach and Danang Cham museum - it was a really cold and rainy day. We then we on a tour of the citadel where the king of vietnam used to stay - a lot of it got ruined during the war but the architecture was very impressive.

That evening we went shopping to buy jumpers and coats as it started to get cold and we would need them for China too.

The next day we went on a motorbike tour around the city - we went around the countryside, we saw a tomb for one of the 13 kings of Vietnam. The tomb is surrounded by lots of trees and bushes in a massive area so that no-one can find where the king was buried as they were scared that his body would be dug up during the war.
We saw a fortune teller on route and an old lady demonstrated how thye do farming everyday - she was really sweet and she showed off her black teeth stating that they made her look prettier.
We then went to see the Thien Mu Pagoda - the home pagoda where a monk protested against oppression of buddhists. That night we went to a restaurant owned by a deaf and dumb family that night - was really good food and the owner explained his family tree by picture to us.

The next day we got an overnight train to Hanoi at 3:00pm - they were hard sleepers with 6 to a room and were really dirty - we managed to get some clean shirts but was not generally a great experience staying on that train for 13 hours.

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Vietnam, Hoi An

Hoi An

overcast 16 °C

We got to Da nang at 5:00am and then got a bus to Hoi An. We freshened up and went for a walk around the city - we saw the japanese covered bridge and the silk worm factory and went around the markets there.

The next day we went to see the My Son ruins. The tour guide really made the trip - he was so funny, he was a short guy with a suit on with wellington boots, carrying a florescent pink torch and wore a baseball cap backwards. He kept laughing at his own jokes and kept saying 'kiss me' instead of 'excuse me' - he was hilarious and made the trip worthwhile.
My Son was a hindu temple built by the Chumpa people however it got ruined during the American bombings so there's no that much left of it, but we can imagine that it wouldv'e been as nice as Ankgor Wat.

We went on a bicycle tour the next day around the village - was fascinating to see how the villagers live and grow rice for a living - we saw them picking the rice in the rice fields and we also went over a bamboo bridge which was very thin so had to be careful otherwise would fall into some muddy water. Our tour leader showed us around one of the villagers houses and he explained that women in Vietnam chew betel nut to make their teeth black which make them look more attractive (don't worry this was back in the day where I don't think they had mirrors lol).

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