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Vietnam, Nha Trang

Nha Trang

sunny 18 °C

We got to the hotel and went on a day trip to another island, We saw a fishing village (all the villagers fish to make a living) and we went on a bamboo boat which was fun but quite scary as it's really not very stable and moves around a lot so you need to have an even number of people with similar weights on each size otherwise it will just go over. We were meant to go snorkelling but it was too cold so just ended up going back to the boat and we went to a stone beach and chilled there.
We then went for dinner in the evening, played some pool and met some of the others for drinks - ended up being a great night out with some very cheesy music (e.g - YMCA and Abba) but was a good laugh.

The next day we went to have a mud bath - it was quite cold but was a refreshing experience - not sure how much good it actually does as some people leave it on until it cracks on your skin, but we were only allowed in there for half hour so was still pretty wet when we came out of it.

Later in the day we went to the Po Nagar Cham Towers which were built between the 7th and 12th Century- there was meant to be a hindu temple at the topbut when we got there it was more of a bhudhist temple with hind influence as they were offering prashad to the buddha and there was a shiv lingha which we have not seen in other buddhist temples.

We then went for dinner at an indian restaurant which was very nice - it had pictures of Sachin Tendulkar and Shah Rukh Khan everywhere showing them coming to the restaurant (but i'm pretty sure they hadn't and they had just photo shopped them in).

That night we got a overnight train to Da Nang.

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Vietnam, Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta

sunny 20 °C

We travelled to Mekong Delta by boat - and along the way we went to see how the locals make bricks and salt - its amazing how hard they work - and it was nearly all women making and lifting the bricks - it was like a production line. We went for a bike around the countryside and we went to see how they make coconut candy - was very sweet and tasty.
We then travelled through the jungle to our home-stay. We chilled in hammocks for a while which were very comfortable and then had dinner cooked by the home owner - we also celebrated Claire's b'day (one of the girl's on the tour) and the owner played his guitar and sang songs to us in Vietnamese - was a good laugh and then they asked us to sing a song, and there's Aussies, British and Danish people in our group and the best song we could come up with was twinkle twinkle little star lol - it was between that and Head, shoulders, knees and toes, but our leader and the owner of the house were well impressed lol and because they were so impressed Rohit decided 'lets to another song' and he suggested 'in the jungle' from Lion King - so we were all there singing it and Rohit being the only guy was doing the 'wooomba wot, woomba wot' lol - was a good laugh.

When it was time for bed, all the girls went to choose their beds inside, we were too slow and got stuck sleeping outside will the chickens and dogs and all sorts of animals but it weren't too bad - quite noisy but still got some sleep.

The next morning we travelled to the Cu Chi tunnels - the tunnels that Vietnamese people stayed in for 30 years during the Vietnam war - it's amazing how they managed to live and survive in the tiny tunnels for that long. Going into the tunnels was quite an experience and we all felt chlostrophobic after being inside them for a few minutes and they managed to live inside them for 30 years without being caught.

We then went to a factory to see how handicapped people make paintings and furniture using egg shells - the work was really amazing with the amount of detail and work they put in. We then got ready to get out overnight train to Nha Trang.

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Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

sunny 22 °C

We left the hotel at 6:00am and took a public bus to Ho Chi Min City. We got there and went to the market where Nisha bought dome bags. We then went for our farewell dinner at a stall outside the market, and went for drinks and said our goodbyes - was quite sad as we all got on really well.

The next day we went to look for the electronics market, but found out that there's only a few shops there so we bought a battery for our camera and made our way to the Renufication Palace (the place where the South Vietnamese President used to stay) - it was interesting to see and gave us some perspective on the History of Vietnam. We then met our tour leader and group members for our Vietnam trip and we all went for dinner together. There was 9 of us altogether, so a lot smaller than our Cambodia trip. There was 8 girls (including Nisha) so Rohit was going to be the only boy on this tour apart from the tour leader of course.

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Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

sunny 20 °C

We took the bus to Phnom Penh and we went to see the Grand Palace and Silver Pagoda - which has silver on the floor throughout the room and there is a emerald cut Buddha and a Buddha statue made of gold - it looked really amazing.

We then joined the group and went for a walk down the waterfront which was beautiful as the lights in the fountains changed colour, we then went for dinner and saw the independence monument on the way.

The next day we went to the prison war museum - was quite disturbing to see how people were treated during the war - there were lots of graphic images of the prisoners getting tortured. There were only 7 survivors from the thousands that were tortured at this prison - 3 of which are still alive today, and we were lucky enough to meet one of them who told us about what he went through. We then went to the killing fields and our guide told us about how people got transported from the prison war museum to the killing fields to get killed. A lot of the bodies are buried there and there was one one big tower full of skulls of people who were killed there - was quite chilling to see.

We then got dropped off at the Russian market which sold all household goods, food, souveniers etc. We went for a boat cruise at night and then we went to a night market nearby.


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Cambodia, Sihanoukville


rain 20 °C

We got to Sihanoukville and had lunch. We then wanted to head to the beach, however as we made our way, it started raining so had to come back. We then got ready for our new years eve beach party - was great, lots of fireworks, food, drink and dancing - was a great night even thought it was raining on the beach.

We lazed on the beach the next day and split into two groups for dinner as some us wanted to have mexican food and others went to a Khmer restaurant for Cambodian food. We waited (7 of us) 1hr 40mins for our food and it still didn't turn up - they were a chef down so everything was running late, so we ended up leaving after just having drinks and went to a local cafe for dinner instead - was quite disappointing as we were all looking forward to having Mexican food.

The next day, we woke up early and went on a boat trip to another island. We sunbathed on the island and played with a frisbee in the water - was good fun - everyone on the tour is a good laugh.


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